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Holding a Séance

Holding a Séance

Are you itching to hold a séance to see if your place is home to ghosts like Missy Palmer? Then text your besties and get ready for a spooky sleepover with this simple guide from your gals at MissDirection Entertainment. Note: if you’re successful in contacting a deceased fashionista who proceeds to destroy your room in a rage, we are totes not liable... sorry!

First, invite friends who are open to and believe in the spirit world – the negative energy from a non-believer or someone who thinks the whole thing is silly can drive spirits away. Next, make sure the space is spirit-friendly: set out candles, a glass of water, or a Ouija board. If you successfully contact a spirit, they may try to speak to you by causing a candle to flicker, spilling over a glass, or spelling something out on the Ouija board. If you’re trying to contact somebody specific, bring an object of theirs to attract them to your space.

Once you’re ready to start, make sure to turn off your phones and eliminate any distractions. You should consider choosing a medium – someone who’s held a séance before or feels psychically gifted – if you want help leading you through the process. During the séance, prepare questions and be patient – some spirits are shy! If someone in your group starts to freak, don’t be mean and force them to stay, just gently lead them outside of the room or end the séance. Whenever you’re done, make sure to thank the spirits (ghosts deserve courtesy, too!) and blow out any candles.

Whether your séance is successful or not, how about watching Beverly Hills Ghost afterwards? Our hilarious and spooky flick is available now on iTunes and Amazon Prime! It’s the perf addition to a spooky slumber party and maybe any ghosts lurking about will want to sit down and watch it, too!