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Griffith Park GHOSTS

Griffith Park GHOSTS

Ready to throw on your athleisure and hit Griffith Park, one of the trendiest workout spots in LA? You may not want to go alone, because spirits are waiting…

This Hollywood hiking destinations has a majorly spooky history—it’s even cursed! It all started forevs ago in 1863. Legend has it that Dona Petronilla, the niece of Don Antonio Feliz, cursed the land (and everyone who would ever own it!) when she found her uncle wasn’t bequeathing it to her. Talk about #dramaqueen. And crazy enough, her curse worked!

The park’s namesake, Colonel Griffith J. Griffith, bought the land in 1882. Almost immediately, droughts, fires, and storms wrecked the land and wiped out Griffith’s livestock. Yowza. During the storms, several reported sightings of a beautiful woman in white riding a horse.

By 1896, Griffith couldn’t take any more of the curse’s wrath and donated the land to the city of Los Angeles. However, he was reported to suffer bouts of madness after, and even went to jail for attempting to murder his wife. Dang, Petronilla!

Even though the curse seemed to subside somewhat once Griffith was out of the picture, the Washington post reported that it occasionally still rears its head. In 1933, 29 Civilian Conservation Corps died in a wildfire through the land, and a tree fell on a couple making love in 1976. And, bodies and bones of lost hikers continue to be found every single year!

So, hike on babes, but be careful!