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A Ghostly Good Sushi Joint

A Ghostly Good Sushi Joint

Image Source: Yamashiro Sushi

Every Beverly Hills babe knows sushi is obvi the #1 dining choice like, always. But there’s one sushi joint in Los Angeles where you better watch your step or you might just #GetGhosted!

Tucked up in the Hollywood hills is Yamashiro Sushi, a restaurant with breathtaking views of the city and plenty of paranormal activity. Built in 1914 by two brothers who wanted a luxe AF mansion to entertain Hollywood’s elite in, the spot was later turned into a nightclub by the 1920’s when one of the brothers mysteriously died.

After the Great Depression, Yamashiro went through a few more transformations (first as a brothel, then hotel) before finally opening its doors in the 50’s as a restaurant. Given the building’s continual transformations, PLENTYYYY of former stars and old school gangsters had time to walk through Yamashiro’s doors (and maybe some never left…!).

If you and your BFFs are feeling brave and make a reservation, keep your eyes and ears open for a mysterious crying woman in a white dress on the second floor (staff believes her to be an old not-quite starlet who had to go work in the brothel), a man in a cowboy hat thought to be restaurant’s former owner or a tough old gangster, and plenty of young silhouetted women in heels scurrying through the walls.