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Bizarre Celeb Death: Natalie Wood

Bizarre Celeb Death: Natalie Wood

One of our fave Hollywood starlets is Natalie Wood, a radiant beauty who dominated the silver screen with her immense talent for decades. We’re willing to bet some of our talented ladies in Beverly Hills Ghost gained inspiration from a few of Natalie’s old movies, and have so much respect for her work! Tragically, Wood died in 1981 after drowning under circumstances that are crazy suspicious…

In November 1981, Natalie, her husband, Robert Wagner, her costar in Brainstorm, Christopher Walken, and captain Dennis Davern spent a weekend on Wagner’s yacht. The trio of celebs reportedly drank heavily and shouting matches between Wagner and Wood were frequent. Davern claims that the night before Natalie’s death, he heard Wagner screaming at Wood and Walken. Doesn’t sound like a relaxing weekend getaway, huh?

Later that night after everyone had settled down, Wagner realized that Natalie was nowhere to be found. Her body and a small dinghy were found the next morning floating one mile away from the yacht. At the time, police reported that her drowning was an accident since she had consumed seven or eight glasses of wine with medication the previous night...but was it really? More than thirty years later, a spokesperson for the L.A. sheriff announced that the case has officially been reclassified as “suspicious” and that Wagner is a person of suspect. Whoa. Talk about a crazy story! Here’s hoping we discover the truth soon!

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