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Bizarre Celeb Death: Gary Devore

Bizarre Celeb Death: Gary Devore

Successful screenwriter Gary Devore was driving home on June 28, 1997 after completing his newest screenplay, The Big Steal, when he mysteriously disappeared. He was found dead in his car one year later from an apparent car crash. Case closed, right? Not a chance – let’s get to the creepy stuff: Devore’s body was found but his gun was missing as well as his laptop that contained the final draft for his screenplay. Oh, and apparently when Devore was found, he didn’t have any hands…yeah, maybe this wasn’t just a simple car crash.

Many people believe that Devore was killed in a government conspiracy after he claimed that his newest screenplay was going to reveal the real reason the U.S. invaded Panama in 1989 along with other government secrets. Devore supposedly discovered this information while working in the military and later performed secret research that his widow claims he refused to tell her about. While many dismiss this theory along with the one that Devore was discovered without hands, there are still quite a few who believe this screenwriter’s death was planned by the government. In fact, in 2014, a documentary and book entitled The Writer With No Hands were released about Devore’s death, but the website promoting both was immediately and mysteriously deleted. Hmmm, seems like quite a coincidence, no?

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