MissDirection Entertainment - Project Detail- Devil to Pay

Devil to Pay

Devil to Pay follows wealthy power couple Luke and Janice Dodd, whose marriage that relies more on Luke’s guilt over crippling his wife in a car accident years earlier and the fact they have a daughter together named Audrey than love.

Soon after Audrey receives a music box for her eighth birthday, her behavior becomes increasingly disturbing and people around the family begin to die. When Luke asks Audrey why she’s acting out, she blames her new imaginary friend Monika. 

Audrey shows Luke a photograph of a young woman from the music box, claiming she is the real Monika. Luke enlists the help of news reporter and old girlfriend, Kristina. Their investigation leads them into a violent underworld, and Luke soon realizes his family may be responsible for a horrific crime. 


Stage 32 Award

Mar 15, 2018

"Devil to Pay" wins in Stage 32 Screenwriting Contest and is requested by over a dozen top studios and production companies!

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Creative World Awards

Nov 01, 2017

MissDirection's new project “Devil to Pay” WON First Runner Up Best Horror Screenplay in the Creative World Awards!

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Williamsburg Film Festival

Oct 25, 2017

"Devil to Pay" is an Award Winner in this New York based Screenplay Competition and Film Festival!

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Shriekfest Film Festival

Oct 15, 2017

"Devil to Pay" is a semi-finalist in the world-renowned Shriekfest Film Festival in Los Angeles!

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New York City Horror Film Festival

Oct 10, 2017

“Devil to Pay” is a Finalist in the New York City Horror Film Fest!

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Breaking Walls Thriller Competition

Oct 06, 2017

“Devil to Pay” placed as a Top 10 Finalist, winning promotion from the Breaking Walls Thriller Competition – now in its 9th year.

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NOLA Horror Film Fest

Sep 30, 2017

“Devil to Pay” is an Official Selection in the world-famous New Orleans Horror Film Festival!

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Orlando Film Festival

Jul 20, 2017

“Devil to Pay” is an Official Selection in the Orlando Film Festival!

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